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Repeatedly Aggressed by Islamists; Coptic Kids in MinyaVillage Stop Going to School

Coptic students in all grades in Al-Galaa village in Upper Egypt refused to go to their schools after repeated attacks and harassment by Muslim militants. 






Syriac Catholic Patriarch: Middle Eastern Christians Being Targeted
By ChurchMilitant (via AINA)

"Western countries ... are interested in some endangered species more than they are Christians in the Middle East"





Egyptian Land Dispute Threatens Inter-Religious Flashpoint
By World Watch Monitor

Warnings the Christian side of the dispute say they have received include: ‘We will take your lands and homes, like it or not. Leave, or we will kill you if you force us to it!’





The Middle East Meltdown and Global Risk
By Nouriel Roubini – Project Syndicate

Among today’s geopolitical risks, none is greater than the long arc of instability stretching from the Maghreb to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. With the Arab Spring an increasingly distant memory, the instability along this arc is deepening. Indeed, of the three initial Arab Spring countries, Libya has become a failed state, Egypt has returned to authoritarian rule, and Tunisia is being economically and politically destabilized by terrorist attacks.

Egypt Objects to Proposal at Human Rights Council for Abolishing Death Sentence
By Al-Ahram

Egypt is among 37 countries in the UN System that still enforce the death penalty







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